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The What’s Brewing Tasting Panel Rates Fruity & Tart Ales

On The Sour Side Themed Spotlight for Spring! What’s Brewing presents its Tasting Panel feature in each quarterly magazine in concert with our partner, Legacy Liquor Store. We’ve selected products from breweries located around BC. We think comparing products in a particular style or range is a great way to share information about how and why we would assess and drink a certain beer. Pick up some of these beers and taste along at home to see if you agree with our Panel’s findings; our tasting results are below.


A few years ago, this general classification of ales took off in popularity around North America. Folks who typically drank wine or ciders and didn’t enjoy the “taste of beer” found many sours accessible. Ironically though, there was probably a time in history when most beer people drank was sour, since the acidic flavour comes from bacteria and yeasts which occur in nature but are discouraged in “normal” modern brewing.

Inspiring the modern wave of sour beers are certain traditional ales of Belgium and surroundings, some of which can be quite challenging. Our Spring batch, however, aims for the lighter side of this category.


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