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The What’s Brewing Tasting Panel Rates Beers For Breakfast

It’s a Winter Breakfast Beer Themed Spotlight! What’s Brewing presents its Tasting Panel feature in each quarterly magazine in concert with our partner, Legacy Liquor Store. We’ve selected products from breweries located around BC. We think comparing products in a particular style or range is a great way to share information about how and why we would assess and drink a certain beer. Pick up some of these beers and taste along at home to see if you agree with our Panel’s findings; our tasting results are below.


It’s Saturday morning and you’re not in a rush. There’s a mild throbbing in your temple, a residual effect of Friday night’s frisky festivities. Tsk, tsk. Now how are you going to get motivated this morning? What you need is a jolt of caffiene. Or how about a bowl of oatmeal? That calls for a spot of milk. Hmmm.

Fortunately all of these options are waiting in your beer fridge, thanks to BC’s thoughtful craft brewers. Yum yum yum.

For fun this round, we’ve chosen a sampling of Stouts, Porters and such with a breakfast theme: coffee, oatmeal and milk. There are plenty of other outstanding breakfast beer choices in BC, including chocolate milk beers and more. However, what we’ve selected here is a good representation of the best styles you need in order to get your day off to a damn fine start.


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