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Glass With Class: Vancouver gets its own custom growler shop

One of the sure signs that Vancouver and BC have a maturing craft beer culture* is the appearance of ancillary products and services to serve the community’s needs. Look no further for a glittering example than Sigil & Growler, one of 2016’s most interesting debuts that’s not a brewery.

What is a Sigil? OK. If you know what a Growler is, you’re golden; all you need know is that S&G produces high-definition personally etched glassware. If you’re starting farther back in the class, go here to see what a growler is, or just look at the luxurious jars on this page. That’s right, you can buy your own uniquely decorated beer containers that you can fill and refill in almost any modern craft brewery’s tasting room.

Vancouver has had some gifted artists produce custom growler artwork before, but on a small scale. A full-blown storefront operation with online ordering is a first here. A bit of research confirms that the concept exists elsewhere, although it’s certainly a new niche. If it wasn’t for this hot new shop opening up here in Vancouver, you’d have to order from places like Winnipeg, Las Vegas, Wyoming and Reno. But hey, Sigil & Growler is here, and you just don’t have to do that now.

Tarlan and Addel
Tarlan and Addel at the BC Beer Awards

sigil1Personable owners Addel Silavi and Tarlan Seyedfarshi have created an uber-professional service based on the intersection of creativity and technology–something we appreciate here at our little digital magazine headquarters. Viewing the scope of inspirational designs they’ve produced gives you an idea how this is more than a gimmick; it’s an outlet for personal expression. One of the things we like to say here at WB is that craft beer is a lifestyle pursuit, and nothing gets you to the top of Maslow’s pyramid of beer-forward living faster than your own one-of-a-kind swank personal bottleware.

One of our favourite BC beer bloggers, Jeremy Nemanishen of Craft Beer Vancouver, has posted a first-hand review of the process, which can involve your own artwork or their starter designs. Direct your eyeballs here to read a seriously well-constructed blog post:

If your curiosity is piqued but you don’t have time to browse their shop right now, follow this Instagram account to keep tabs.

There’s a sale on

Look! Just for our readers: a coupon code! What are you waiting for? Full price? Go get one!


There’s another sale on

Purchase a custom growler from Addel and Tarlan, and receive a gratis fill at Faculty Brewing. Enter promo code FACULTYFILL at checkout from November 4th to December 15th 2016.


*Victoria readers: we know your beer culture matured long ago. Now go order your growler.


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